Air Duct Cleaning For A Healthy Home

Here at Cleanway Cleaning & Restoration we have launched our updated range of HVAC air duct cleaning and restoration services for clients in Buffalo, New York. These allergy prevention services can remove a variety of allergens, including dust mites, pet dander, mold, mildew, and tobacco smoke. Our team at Cleanway Cleaning & Restoration are dedicated to helping clients optimize the efficiency of their HVAC system and improve their indoor air quality.

Air ducts are an essential part of one's HVAC system as they help the hot and cold air travel through the system and into different parts of the home. Over time, these ducts will naturally accumulate dirt, dust, and other types of debris which can affect the way the HVAC system performs. In addition, air ducts can quickly become loaded with hair, pollen, dander, dust, dirt and other pollutants that can have a negative impact on a person's health.

Our technicians will clean the ducts, registers, blowers, heat exchangers, air filters, coils, and other components. We can also advise clients on ways to prevent any future contamination or infestation. By choosing the HVAC air duct cleaning services at Cleanway Cleaning & Restoration, clients will not only improve their indoor air quality, but they will also reduce the amount of energy their building consumes, thus saving on utility bills and maintenance costs.

Cleanway Cleaning & Restoration has been providing quality and affordable duct cleaning services to the Buffalo and Western New York area since 1989. Our company uses the industry’s most advanced tools and techniques to ensure that each client's HVAC system is cleaned and maintained adequately.


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