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Dust Mite Knowledge and Avoidence

A mite is a tiny, microscopic relative of the spider family. It is found wherever humans are.It is believed that both the worn out body of the mite and its secretion while living are allergenic. Bed mattresses has the highest content of mites. they are also found on upholstery, carpets and draperies. Dust mites require humidity and warmth to grow. Because mites avoid  the light and because surfaces dry out rapidly, mites flourish in mattresses, bedding, upholstery, furniture, and carpets. Cleanway Cleaning & Restoration offers top to bottom house cleaning for dust mites and allergens. We provide Air Duct cleaning and sanitizing, Steam Cleaning of carpets, bedding, and upholstery, which kill the dust mites and vacuums up the dead mites and the feces. Call today for a consultation and estimate for a clean health home. (716)990-2110.