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Air Duct Cleaning for your Health

  Did you have your air ducts cleaned yet ? Hello friends from WNY, we all know it is important to keep our immune systems healthy. Cleanway is here to safely clean your furnace air ducts . Air duct cleaning removes allergens such as mold ,bacteria, viruses, dead skin, pet dander and dust mites. Duct cleaning will help keep your family healthy during these difficult times . Indoor air pollutants can affect us all especially the elderly, the young and those who suffer from chronic respiratory ailments . We also offer steam cleaning for carpets ,upholstery ,bedding and draperies to give your home a clean sweep for allergens . Our cleaning services will enhance your quality of life when spending time in your home . We are a BBB member and have been servicing the Niagara Frontier since 1989.Call us for a clean healthy home . (716) 990 2110.

Duct cleaning for your health

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