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12 Signs Your Home Air Duct Need To Be Cleaned By Cleanway Cleaning & Restoration

It's easy to forget about air ducts. Since they are inside your walls and out of sight, they are frequently overlooked. But air duct cleaning is a critical part of maintaining a working HVAC system. Dirty air vents can make your .heating and cooling system less efficient. If your air ducts stay dirty for too long, they could wear your HVAC system out and ultimately break it. But even worse, dirty air ducts can endanger your health and wellbeing. Keep reading for 12 signs that your air duct needs cleaning. 1. Dusty Grill Covers The "grill" is your window into an air duct from the wall. Your heating and cooling system will blow cool or hot air through these vents and into the rooms of your house. Dust on your grill is a telltale sign that the interior of the duct needs cleaning. This is because dust is being blown through the inside of the duct and getting caught in the grill. Seeing a little bit of dust on the grill isn't a cause to worry about, but it is a good idea t