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Lewiston, New York’s preferred Carpet Cleaning Service

Cleanway Cleaning & Restoration has emerged as Niagara Counties top rated carpet cleaning company. Since our inception in 1989 we have over 10,000 satisfied customers both residential and commercial. We use advanced technology that heats steam to 240 degrees ,powerful 160 psi steam jets and the strongest vacuume in the industry. Call (716) 990 2110 #Wheatfield #Lewiston #NiagaraFalls

Reduce Your Energy Bills With The Best Air Duct Cleaning In North Tonawanda

Do you want to become more energy efficient and improve your indoor air quality? With Cleanway Cleaning & Restoration (716-990-2110) you'll get the best air duct sanitization services in North Tonawanda. With energy prices rising, we could all do with finding ways to save power at home. Did you know that a straightforward way to cut your electricity costs, is to get your ductwork cleaned? Air ducts, dryer vents, and HVAC systems that are blocked with dust, dirt, and debris could be causing you to waste a quarter or more of your home’s energy! They can also cause your air conditioning system, furnace, or dryer to break down, leaving you to fork out for a replacement. Cleanway Cleaning & Restoration will help you save on bills, prevent fire hazards from blocked ducts and vents, and remove excess dust, debris, and allergens from your indoor air! Check it all out at Having your vents and ducts professionally cleaned will reduce the pressure

Get The Best Amherst Air Duct Maintenance To Prolong Your Furnace Life


The Importance of air duct cleaning in the winter !

  The Importance of #airductcleaning in the winter ! Improving interior air quality, lowering energy expenses saving homeowners money, and extending the life of the HVAC system are all advantages of cleaning air ducts in the winter. The fact that our air ducts are working so hard to keep us warm every day is sometimes overlooked as we rush inside to stay warm or fear being outside so much. The air circulating in the house will get contaminated if the air ducts are filthy. Is it worthwhile to clean the air ducts, one may think? Think about how our homes are securely sealed to keep out the chilly winter air, leaving us with air quality that is heavily reliant on our air ducts and how well they are functioning. Air ducts move the air throughout the house after bringing it inside from the outside environment. An approach called “negative pressure source elimination” is used during the cleaning of air ducts. With this technique, pollutants like dust and allergies are broken up and removed