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Healthy Tips For Clean Indoor Air!

Are you frequently dusting your home ? Dirty air ducts may be the cause.WHY ? Forced air furnaces emit airborne particulates that contaminate your indoor living space.Indoor air pollutants can affect us all especially young children,the elderly,and people who suffer from respiratory ailments.The most common indoor air pollutants include viruses,bacteria,(molds and mildew)pet dander,dust mites,dust mite feces,dead rodents,rodent stool,tobacco smoke,hair and dead skin.The most effective way to remove HVAC contaminates is to hire a mold certified air duct cleaning company that uses a negative air cleaning system to thoroughly clean your heating and cooling equipment.We also provide same day carpet and upholstery steam cleaning to more thoroughly clean your home or office of allergens.Call today for consultation and estimate (716)990-2110.