Did you know a good start to a healthy home starts with Air Duct Cleaning? Lets take a closer look at the indoor air pollutant problem. If your family suffers from frequent Flu-like symptoms, Headaches, Coughing & Sneezing, Runny or itchy nose, Itchy watery eyes, Sore throat, and fatigue. Indoor Air Pollutants Could be the problem. Indoor air pollutants effect us all especially young children, the elderly, and people with chronic illnesses. It also affects millions of people who suffer with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory ailments. The most common indoor air pollutants include Pet Odors, Fungi (Molds and Mildew),Pet Dander, Viruses, Bacteria, House Hold Chemicals, Tobacco Smoke, Mold Odors, Volatile Organic Compounds.
The most effective way to eliminate these are by hiring a mold and lead certified professional Air Duct cleaning company that uses a negative air system to get your ducts cleaned.

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Douglas Neumann
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